Chelmsford Garden Village receives UK Government funding through Garden Communities Programme



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The vision for Chelmsford Garden Village is to create a thriving settlement that offers the best of town and country living. It will deliver new housing with healthy placemaking principles, new employment opportunities, a supporting transport network, social and recreational facilities and open space. Chelmsford Garden Village has received support and financial backing from the UK Government as one of 19 new villages to receive funding through the Garden Communities Programme.

Situated to the north east of Chelmsford and designed according to timeless Garden City principles, Chelmsford Garden Village will create in the region of 5,500 new homes, approximately 45,000 sqm of high-tech employment space and significant areas of new open space and parkland to meet the needs of a new generation of Chelmsfordians, and to support the sustainable growth of England’s newest City.

Chelmsford Garden Village will build on the success of the new neighbourhoods of Beaulieu and Channels. Moreover, it will be a new community, with its own strong identity. The design will be underpinned by the Garden City philosophy, as set out by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA), and Chelmsford City Council’s Spatial Principles. It will help to deliver a wide range of community facilities including two new primary schools and a secondary school, a mixture of housing types and high quality open spaces. It will also help provide much needed infrastructure to support the future growth of Chelmsford.

Garden Village Principles

The following principles will underpin the delivery of Chelmsford Garden Village over the next 5-25 years.

• PARTICIPATION from the new and existing community will drive the VISION

• It will be a new PLACE not a suburb

• Surrounded by distinctive landscape on 3 sides, it will be designed to respect and enhance the BEAUTIFUL LOCATION

• It will create a perfect balance for LIVING, WORKING and VISITING

• A series of VILLAGE CENTRES will create leisure and community destination hubs with a rich mix of uses, designed with and managed by the community

• It will be highly SUSTAINABLE on all levels, designed as connected WALKABLE neighbourhoods with walking and cycling trails linking hubs, greenspaces and key destinations

• It will provide HOMES for EVERYONE set in a variety of neighbourhoods of different character with beautifully designed open spaces

• LOCAL ENTERPRISE will be supported with two employment centres: the INNOVATION QUARTER and BEAULIEU BUSINESS PARK

• Multi-functional LIVING LANDSCAPE networks will be created where people and wildlife can live together

• It will deliver SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT modes, future proofed for future trends

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The North East Chelmsford Garden Village Consortium is committed to engaging with local stakeholders and the wider community to develop the proposals.

Over the coming weeks this website will be expanded to provide more information and details of a public exhibition event will be publicised. Please keep an eye out for further information.

In the meantime, if you would like to express an interest in being part of the consultation process and receiving information directly by email please get in touch with us here:

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